• Week’s thought


    We, at Inspire International, take this opportunity to thank all our Clients, Partners, former Laureates, and Alumni, who have been part of our struggle to transform our socieities through knowledge and skills. This year presents another opportunity for us to continue our work of providing hands-on training programs for professionals from both public and private sectors, from all corners of this globe, to keep pace with changing governance frameworks and changing technologies. In partnership with our experts, we have carefully and tactfully designed Training Programs that will address current demands in this global market. Our Programs are designed to enable our clients to develop skills that will support the efforts of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) be it in public or private sectors. Our Programs are delivered in an excellent learning environment that is conducive for participants to concentrate, exchange, learn from one another, interrogate practical experiences, and undertake transformative thinking.

    With growing markets and huge infrastructure development programs in Africa, Inspire International is privileged to be part of this community that appreciates excellence. Our experts from Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and Australia with both international and regional experience are available to provide strategies for our participants to excel as individuals, teams, companies, governments, and regional international organisations.

    Our region is grappling with the need for professional experience in contract management. Inspire International has designed solid training programs that address the problem of contract management at various levels. These trainings are designed to benefit all professionals most especially lawyers, procurement practitioners, auditors, accountants, bankers, academicians, project managers, heads of institutions, resource managers among others.

    Inspire International has been successful because of strategic partnerships with other institutions such as Uganda Law Society (ULS) and Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda (IPPU), among others. We also design and conduct customized high-level training programs for state and non-state institutions and companies. Some of the beneficiaries of our programs include: Surface and Marine Transport Regulatory Authority (SUMATRA); Uganda Electricity Distribution Company Limited (UEDCL); Tanzania Postal Bank.

    We would like you to join us on the journey to a future of limitless aspirations. We provide a home for the dreams of individuals, institutions, nations and economies. We are profoundly honored that you are browsing through our 2018 Brochure and look forward to welcoming you to Inspire International this year!


    Kaineruhanga KARUHANGA
    Programs Director